STRENGHTEN your immune system!
​​​​​​​Connect to Nature

​​​​​​​and feel connected with your inner being.

Mother nature and the energy of biodiversity

Many people love Nature and enjoy the scenery very much; yet many talk about being 'disconnected'. Mother Earth is often used as a platform, something external: We walk around on our planet, but do we FEEL the ground? 

Connecting to Nature can help to (re-) connect to your inner core. 
Feeling connected can help managing your emotions easier and strengthen your resilience.
You then have more confidence, in yourself, in life and in your environment. 

Looking forward to your participation! It's wellbeing for body, mind & soul! 

​​​​​​​Emotions: Watch this amazing presentation from Dr. Alan Watkins>>

p.s. The disappearing of the Biodiversity is still increasing!
Numerous wild animals and plants species are dying out, because their natural habitats are being destroyed. 60% of today's settlement areas is sealed with concrete and asphalt.
This leads to a reduction of OUR RESOURCES like clean water, food supplies, fuel and building materials