Tree energy
On our journey through the woods,
we encounter trees from a different perspective. 

In this workshop you will learn a little about different tree types, their characters, stories, 
get an idea of different growth habits and their invisible energies.
The workshop ends with an inspiring tree meditation.

All in all a very special kind of workshop.

The acquaintance with the energy of the trees strenghtens our wellbeing and
supports inner peace.

For                     Adults    
Duration:            3 hrs.
Price pp.:           £ 24 (UK) / 71 CHF (CH)                                                                                                   "Trees are poems the earth
To bring with:     Drink & snack (no alcohol!),                                                                               rights upon the sky."
                          outdoor clothing (weather proof),                                                                       Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) ​​​​​​​
                          sth. to sit on (eg towel or other)                                                                         
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