"Switch off" - Strengthen awareness - Re-energize
Entering a forest calms our breath, pulse and heartbeat.
It feels like handing in a heavy coat at the cloakroom.

Together we will immerse into different 'Landscape-windows' (viewframes) and explore its habitats.
Along with some amazing information and simple exercises we will re-activate our senses and sharpen our awareness.

Reflecting on the life in nature, breathing in forest air and being in its calming atmosphere
can transform your daily thoughts.

Such encounters can build bridges to issues in your life and strengthen your resilience.
Try it and re-energize shortly!  

For                     Adults    
Duration:               3 hrs.
Price pp.:           24£ (UK) / 71 CHF (CH)                                                                            "And do not forget that the earth
To bring with:    Drink & snack (no alcohol!),                                                                       delights to feel your bare feet
                          outdoor clothing (weather proof),                                                              and the winds long to play                                       sth. to sit on (eg towel or other)                                                                with your hair. " 
Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) 
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