LAND-ART - a very creative potential
for agility and the flow 

In this workshop you become interactive with Mother Nature and benefit directly from her amazing resources. This is a total different approach, especially for adults! The challenge for adults herein lies in becoming creative without plan!

Finding ways of creating something with unusual materials, in an unknown and unpredictable area, strenghtens solution-orientated thinking. The wilderness of Nature can be used as a method for practising flexibility, finding different perspectives and (self-) confidence. Scientific studies proved that creativity leads to a better understanding of differences and even produces hormons which have a positive influence on our wellbeing!
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Aims: Participants receive different techniques to create their own artwork and learn to handle in proportion/respect with Nature's Environment. Only natural materials will be used which we find on-site. The different LandArt works will be left there to be enjoyed by other visitors, but also to leave the materials in their natural habitat. At the end of the workshop you leave with a visual achievement. It feels gooood!

                                  Creativity has no boundaries and is universal. 
                                  it calms busy minds and promotes agility.

Cost/Adult pp.:   24£ (UK)/ 71CHF (CH)
Please bring:       A drink/snack; outdoor clothing & shoes 
                          are essential! 

Looking forward to your participation!
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