Hallo, Hello, Grüezi, Ciao, Hola, Salut, Marhaba!
My Name is Yvonne Aida Schmid. I grew up with 8 different cultures and with many travels throughout the world. This is how I learnt from childhood about diversity and transcultural communication. Being regularly in different countries, meeting regularly different cultures, religions, landscapes and historical sites, I learnt to change perspectives automatically. Changing perspectives helps to remain open-minded, supports creativity, strenghtens health and ambiguity tolerance. Therefore diversity management feels like 'Home' to me.

My Environmental history
Since 22 years I am connected to mother nature.
It all started with my work as a nature-near landscape gardner in 1997.
2004-2006 followed a study in sustainability. It was during an internship where I achieved my first insights on how we can actively influence our wellbeing through nature and its elements. On behalf of the sustainable property management  Kantensprung GmbH (Basel) I then developed a concept for a sustainable life-living-workbalance in a 3000 m2 real estate where I used the calculation model called "Ecological-Climatic-Hygenic Calculation".
My interest in environmental education grew and I then joined the TRUZ (Trinational Environment Centre) situated at the border to France, Germany & Switzerland. Since 2004 I give environmental workshops in the nature. Since 2014  with Naturforum RegioBasel, through my website and now in the UK.

My Educational history:
Migration specialist, Nature-/ Environmental protection and sustainable development, Nature-near Landscape gardener and Businesswoman.  Further, self-studies in Diversity management and in Geomancy helped me to define the amazing connection between human wellbeing and nature's wellbeing! 

My Motivation history
Through my diverse work experience I began to develop new workshop concepts. In my nature workshops I combine creativity and environmental information with diversity management tools. The workshops are interactive and the participants receive useful tools for a holistic way of life in our digital age. 
With my workshops I show people how to re-connect with Mother Nature and their inner being so that they feel strong enough to deal with modern life. 

Together we can support global health and nature conservation
​​​​​​​for the benefits of ALL.