He who is fixed to a star
                                                               does not change his mind.
                                                             (Leonardo da Vinci, 1452 -1519)

Life plan
This workshop is a very private way of dealing with your personal values and wishes.
What matters most to me? What are my goals? How can I achieve these? 
The procedure takes 7 steps in order to "sink deeper" into your soul and unfold your own creativity.

Once you see how your life is structured, you will also find out which conflicts and weak points prevent you from reaching
your aims and fulfilling your dreams. 
With the help of creative tools you will then define and set your possible priorities
in order to realize your personal plan. 
This workshops will amaze you! 
But be aware, it might change your life.

Goals - please see below

This course can be done in 7 days or as a seminar in 2-3 days. For every step you need to consider about 90 to 150 mins.
During this time you will receive useful exercises and my help if wished.  

  • a life plan for the present year
  • a life plan for the following 3-5 years
  • private guidelines to fulfil your desires
  • strength and support for your personal and professional potentials

Japanese concept of enchancing work, life & sense of worth