Balance your environment
at home, work space, office, school, property, area etc.

for you and future generations!
Transform your environment into a gen oasis
The wellbeing of our natural environment IS the wellbeing of our lives!

GREEN SPACES supply good air quality, renewable energy and create a better atmosphere -a space with natural materials
boosts positive vibes which motivates and supports our wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally!

Supporting our climate is possible for all budgets!

What we do

  1. Learn about climatic-ecological-hygienic calculation model (CEH), its beneficial impact on our wellbeing how it increases our balance with flora and fauna.
  2. The use of environmental support for present and future generations.
  3. Calculate the CEH impact of your flat, house, workshop, business building, factory or corporation, area etc.
  4. Based on the evaluation, we create a budget related time plan for transforming any proportional disbalance between sealed/ unsealed areas, unused spaces and renewable resources into ecological solutions to enhance your environment.
  5. Find suitable plants and nature near techniques for a sustainable future for all (brief introduction and ref. to follow up course Creating Ecological spaces!).
  6. Balance wellbeing between our lives and flora and fauna.

What you need to bring!

  • your layout plan of your house, work shop, building, area etc.
  • pencil, rubber, ruler (30cms)
  • coloured pencils
  • note pad/ book for personal notes
  • a folder to protect paper sheets
  • pocket calculator
  • if possible a meter stick

1st part: steps 1-3
2nd part: steps 3 & 4
3rd part: steps 5 & 6

Price £125/pp.
Groupe rate for businesses on request

Learn more about energy & sustainable spaces with following workshops
2nd course: Feng Shui basics for indoor and the elements of energy
3rd course: Creating ecological spaces with insect hotel, ponds, clay walls/fences, bird boxes, eco-friendly playgrounds etc.

Convert hard and barren land into flourishing green areas!
Use unused resources as profitable (renewable) energy sources!

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