Living in a world of constant and rapid change requires a creative mindset. Whether you are looking for someone to talk to confidentially, need a mediator to help with conflict management or whether you would like to support your staff with a teambuilding workshop, I shall be happy to accompany you hereby with compassion, creative tools and effective approaches.

My dedication is to help people re/connect to themselves in order to strengthen the ability to deal with challenges. With both my calming counselling services and my workshops I shall support you, your family, friends or your team in the process of balancing disturbing thoughts and emotions. 

Remaining open-minded and flexible will always help to cope with the unpredictable.

Counselling themes examples

- Handle disturbances and change
​​​​​​​- Work-life balance
- Feel comfortable with uncertainty
- Unfold potentials
- Transform negative thoughts and emotions 

- Understand differences (LGBTI, cultural and interpersonal)
- Ambiguity-tolerance


- Conflict management
- Understand, accept and respect differences (personal, LGBTQ+,cultural, gender and generational)
- Create future perspectives
- Strengthen relationships 
- Build confidence and motivate positive cooperation
- Help shift mindset or even paradigm for a better work-life balance

Who it may concern
Individuals, students, teachers, LGBTQI+, people with migration background, authority, NGOs, NHS, key workers, carers, corporates, leadership, friends, family issues (cultural, gender and generational differences and background e.g. mother/daughter, father/son, LGBTQI+)
Hours of operation: Variable to suit clients
Counselling available online, phone and face-to-face in UK 
NEW! GREEN COUNSELLING: Talk'n'walk in the park or at the seaside

Brighton, London, £
45/ hr. 
Europe upon request
I am happy to offer a free discovery chat by phone or email.


A little about 
My expert training as a Migration specialist involved different counselling techniques and communication methods.
Together with my life and work experience I am specialised in transcultural communication, trauma and diversity mediation.

Since 2007 I have worked for aid organisations consulting people with migration background, staff, medical practitioners, carers, leaderships, teams and other relevant partners. From 2011 to 2012 additionally as representative of the personnel. Since 2013 I have done replacement jobs as a counsellor for IOM Bern consulting asylum seekers, mediate and liaise with different parties.

Based on my expert knowledge, consulting and mediation experience I started my self employment specialising in re/ balancing methods for individuals, leadership and teambuilding. See also my Nature therapy course>>