- Alternative Birthdays, Hen dos, jubilees and other celebrations
- Family outdoor activity
- Team event in the green
- A little retreat 
- Spiritual experience

If you are looking for something new, magical, unusual, eco-friendly and special...? 
Then this is for you!
Mother nature is universal, offers space, an amazing diversity and 'breaks the ice' naturally.

All workshops are customized according to your preferences!
E.g. Boho styling with plants & flowers, adventures with DE&I tools, an eclectic range of fun games,
creative activities, artwork, mindful exercises, eco-magical discovery tours and spiritual experiences.
I am happy to offer a free discovery chat via email or phone!

Where:                 Beautiful Stanmer park in Brighton, other parks/ woodlands in your region
Duration:              2 to 3 hours, depending on the event theme

Price:                    £25/ adult, £8/ child (family with more than 2 children consessions available)
Groupe rate:          on request
To bring with:        to be discussed

Looking forward to your participation!
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