1. ​​​​​​​Build bridges between environment, diversity and prosperity
    What’s most needed at the moment is feeling comfortable with uncertain situations. Living in times of constant changes has caused a lot of disorientation, fear, depression or other unpleasant circumstances. With my work I show people how to transform stressful situations into a conscious mindset and find creative solutions in order to be more effective.

This can help people to rebalance with their inner values, with Mother Nature and as a society. The Interaction with our natural environment enables us to understand our interdependence with our natural resources. Both my workshops and products are a contribution to rebalance between people, prosperity and the planet.

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Sept. 22nd, 2020

Climate change, economic change, global change, personal change... .this exhibition reflects on changes, reactions and possibilities of dealing with changes. Using Mother Nature as a model in combination with key skills from diversity management, my exhibition is a melting pot of diversity tools and spiritual art. With my work I offer a way of connecting to Mother Nature in order to connect with your inner self. Feeling connected is feeling confident. Feeling confident, can help dealing with changes in life.

The venue was at the Brighton Eco centre in 2019

Special spectacle: Saturdays from 2-3pm with theme referring to climate change. 
Looking forward to your visit!

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Earthgarden Festival Workshop Nature Wellness:
participants during an exercise (picture above)

Earthgarden Festival Workshop LandArt:
A participant in her creative development. (Picture left)
If the spirit moves you, let Nature groove you...

NEW - CREATIVITY workshops in nature!

Experience FLOW through Interacting with nature!

Where we sharpen our senses,
Promote perceptions, develop innovative ideas, find new solutions, feel more secure and much more 

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